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We Invites you to take part in a new and focused masterclass that will deal with the admission stages to academic studies in fashion design, concept development, inspiration, portfolio, explanation of the course of the degree, the courses,

The difficulties, the experiences, my personal opinion on the question: "Do I need a degree in fashion design today?" And all from my point of view ..


Who is the workshop suitable for? Glad you asked

  • Those interested in the fashion industry in general and the academic / vocational courses in fashion in particular

  • For anyone who wants to enroll in a degree in fashion design but wants to know what things look like and work behind the scenes.

  • For those undecided on how to approach inspiration and develop a concept?

  • For those who have started to build a portfolio, and want to be unique and stand out in the sorting process, and get practical tools

What is the schedule?

3.5 hours of talking, explanations, delicious snacks and time for questions.


What will we focus on?

the first part:

Will begin with a personal acquaintance with the workshop panel, and an in-depth acquaintance with the stage at which each of the group members is

I will then share with you my personal story from the day I decided I was going to try to get accepted to study for a degree in fashion design at Shenkar. Through my story we will go through together the steps required for admission to a degree in fashion design.

We will look at my initial portfolio, through which we will get acquainted with the idea of ​​"inspiration" and how it is possible to build a concept and develop a unique portfolio with a distinctly personal style.

We will finish the part first by focusing on the necessary transition - from inspiration to fabric samples, fabric development, thinking about illustration sketches and finally - developing a collection

Pause and snack

Part Two:

It will start with a basic explanation of the steps in building fashion illustrations with emphasis on learning fashion illustration in the traditional way, and I will give examples and tips for fashion illustration on the iPad in the app (personally this is my area of ​​expertise where I teach professional lessons, details will be given to those interested).

We will continue to study projects and courses in which I took part in fashion studies at Shenkar along with an explanation of the various and varied courses during the degree.

We will end the second part in a more personal but extremely important tone that will include mental preparation for difficulties along the way, tips for efficiency, saving time, processes and insights from the course of the degree. I will explain what happens after the degree, what are the options, feelings and recommended ways of specialization.

Finally, I will share with you tips that I have collected for you from the graduates who currently run successful and diverse businesses in the field of fashion, from their personal point of view.

Time for questions


  • The cost of the workshop is 450 NIS - the number of places is limited

  • For brides and MEDINA customers - 15% discount


Dates and hours:

Date 14.8 Friday 09: 30-13: 30 Tel Aviv

Date 25.8 Tuesday 18: 00-22: 00 Tel Aviv

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