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i Invites you to an intimate and inspiring meeting for a workshop that reveals the behind the scenes of the fashion world.

The workshop will deal with the development of a design line and personal style while emphasizing the business aspect. I will share with you the process of setting up the studio

MEDINA will give highlights that will clarify how it is possible to be a profitable business in the field of fashion - proper pricing, marketing and media, dealing with customers, secrets behind photo days and more.

Who is the workshop suitable for?

  • For all the dreamers and thirsty to engage in fashion who want to understand the technical aspects of the field.

  • For students and graduates in fashion and courses who start thinking about the day after

  • For graduates in fashion design who are starting their steps in the field and want to enrich their knowledge.

  • For existing business owners in fashion who want to get practical tools

The length of the workshop is 3.5 hours and will include all the knowledge I have to give, as well as time for questions.


What is the schedule?

Part One:

  • What is a brand?

  • Concept and differentiation

  • Collection mix

  • Model development

  • Adaptation to the target audience

  • How we set up the State Studio

  • Pause and snack

Second part:

  • Knowledge of business expenses

  • Proper pricing

  • Profit and loss statement in the field of fashion

  • Stock of clothes and fabrics how to manage

  • Basic bookkeeping

  • Organic social media marketing

  • Marketing to existing customers

  • Website and what does it give?

  • Sponsored Campaigns What is it?

  • Filming and productions

  • Time for questions

The cost of the workshop is 550 NIS - the number of places is limited

For brides and MEDINA customers - 15% discount

Dates and hours:

11.8 Tuesday 18: 00-22: 00 Tel Aviv

21.8 Friday 09: 30-13: 30 Tel Aviv

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