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I invite you to join me for a celebration of Mediterranean hospitality in my home.

My approach is that aesthetics and good taste touch every area of ​​our lives and their encounter with the kitchen is simply accurate.


So what does this mean?

We will learn to host, prepare tapas, for a plate, drink wine and chat (yes, I have already printed the recipes for that)

Many people mistakenly think that baking with yeast is complicated, lengthy and only for those who are interested when in fact, working with yeast in the kitchen can be simple and fun. We will play with fish and overcome together the fear of using nice fish.

We will go step by step, we will dwell together on the tastes and visibility and I will give you tips and tricks that will make everything an experience of tastes and inspiration.

We will respect the small details and put together delicious and beautiful tapas that will make you want to host already the evening after the workshop.


Who is the workshop suitable for? Glad you asked

My hospitality workshop is for everyone!

Even if you have no previous knowledge or experience in cooking, but are intrigued to start hosting in style - I assure you that this is a great starting point for you.

Know how to cook but want to get acquainted with new raw materials, interesting combinations and no less important - up-to-date, beautiful and photogenic colored plates? Come and experience.

Love to learn and develop? Come and learn something new while combining the highest quality raw materials, flavors, aromas and the perfect hospitality experience.


What is the schedule?

The duration of the workshop is 4 hours

  • Opened a glass of wine, refreshments and a personal acquaintance between members of the workshop

  • We will make yeast dough together and while it is puffing

  • We will move on to making tapas: three tapas of fine fish and three tapas of special salads based on cheese and fruit

  • The art of success - we will learn interesting dishes combined with art that is suitable for each dish and the preparation of the guest table

  • Meal and time for questions

  • The cost of the workshop is 590 NIS - up to 15 participants

  • For brides and MEDINA customers - 15% discount

  • At the end of each workshop you will receive the recipes

  • Dairy kosher - come hungry!



Dates and hours:

7.8 Friday 09: 30-14: 00 Tel Aviv

18.8 Tuesday 18: 00-22: 30 Tel Aviv

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