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The “House of MËDINA” is a luxuries fashion house for both wedding dresses and Evening dresses, celebrates the Medina design tradition with over 70 years of family practice along with the new fresh fashionable take that Tal Medina, the head designer brings with her extraordinary talent for wedding dresses design.
When Haute Couture meets daring modern newness, every Bridal collection of MËDINA Bridal or Evening Collection of MËDINA Evening is a breathtaking show.


Michal Medina has been designing exquisite bridal gowns for more than 25 years.

Her style effortlessly merges classic with cutting edge fashion, each design meticulously crafted with unique fabrics and exact tailoring to create magic for each and every bride. Michal Medina is the studio director and personally oversees every dress that is being made in the MËDINA atelier.


Tal Medina (Michal’s daughter) is the head designer who leads the hose of MËDINA to new exciting places.
Tal graduated with honor BFA in Fashion Design from the Shenkar University.

The new MËDINA Bridal Collection combines luxurious sparkly fabrics – Tal’s signature, with hand crafted beads embroidery and precious stones embellishments in the most breathtaking and sophisticated way. Expensive rare laces in the most cutting-edge cut, super flattering with a high end fashionable twist – the bridal world has not seen before.

The MËDINA wedding and evening dresses have already received international exposure and created big buzz around the world

3 generations of fashion


Tal Medina who grew up between fittings and Vogues, takes out the old and tired “sting” of the
bridal gowns and offers new striking edgy bridal designs with evening gowns vibes , Tal
turned the bridal collection to be sassier, daring and fashion forward.
Tal Medina draws her inspiration from her family fancy sources in Morocco and spices them
up with a young stylish attitude.

״Brides would come to my studio with their bridesmaid and would get jealous of their
dresses, they wanted the same kind of gowns. I realized that I have to give them a more
fashionable unique and daring bridal collection, and that is how I created the new bridal
collection. My stunning costumers are the local Kendal Jenner and Gigi Hadid 
They want to be show-stoppers in supper – style. They are fashion-leaders and know exactly
what they want״

Our brides are bold and strong as Tai’s designs and the Mëdina Fashion House vision.

מעצבת שמלות טל מדינה

Tal Medina is the head designer of MËDINA and leads the house to new exciting places, Tal
Medina graduated with honor Fashion Design bachelor from the prestige “Shenkar”
University. She is an influencer herself in the fashion field, and takes the fashion and bridal
world by storm with her new design sensibility.

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