fashion design for beginners

A focused masterclass that will deal with the admission stages for academic studies

In fashion design, portfolio development, explanation of the course, courses, difficulties, experiences, answer to the questions:

"Do you need a degree in fashion design?" And all from my point of view ..


about business

& fashion

An intimate masterclass that reveals the behind the scenes of the fashion world.

We will talk about developing a personal design line and style while emphasizing the business aspect. I will share with you the process of setting up the MEDINA studio

And I will give professional emphases in the economic field: proper pricing, marketing and media, dealing with customers, secrets behind photo days and more.


cooking &

hosting class

A celebration of Mediterranean hospitality in Tal's home.

The attitude: aesthetics and good taste touch every area of our lives and their encounter with the kitchen is simply accurate - we will cook, laugh and drink a glass of wine




נשי, קלאסי ונצחי

ימי השקה לקולקציית המחוכים ״רדי-טו-וור״


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